Monday, 10 October 2011

Paradigm shift needed - will pay good money!

People are switching off 'The X Factor", we are told, not because it is meretricious shite (heaven forbid) but because of the excessive number and length of the advertising breaks. As we all know, ITV's football and rugby coverage is crap because such breaks mean that the half-time analysis is perfunctory to the point of near worthlessness. Personally I have never bought anything because of a TV or any other advert, and I've yet to meet anyone who says they have. In fact, the adverts so annoy me that I am more likely to boycott whatever it is they peddle out of sheer spite.

So surely, instead of advertisers turning us off their brand and their products by thrusting them down our throats when we clearly don't want to know, they should do themselves as well as the rest of us a favour by not interrupting prime-time TV, whatever their armies of trained marketing monkeys tell them.

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