Monday, 26 July 2010

Belgians of the World, Ignite!

Belgians is it?

Let's scotch that shameful "I bet you can't name 10 famous Belgians" jibe for a start. Adolphe Sax, Georges Simenon, Audrey Hepburn, Frankie van der Elst (he was a footballer), Arthur Grumiaux, Rubens, Breugel, Magritte, Jacques Brel; and of course the world's (let alone Belgium's) greatest cartoonist*, Georges Remi, AKA Herge. See: there's 11 for a start, and I deliberately left out Eddie Merckx to reinforce my case. OK, some of those may not be Belgians, but you get my point. And anyway, Andy Townsend played for Ireland, so does it matter at all?

Then there are Bruges, Antwerp, Gent, the Grande Place in Brussels and those lovely glowing, yellow bollard-shaped light things at motorway exit slip roads. And the beer.

* Oh yes he was! Read 'The Calculus Affair' - but not on the shiny paper of recent editions so you get the magical colours of Geneva in and after rain on pp 19-20.


  1. I saw the thing about ten famous Belgians in a friend's post on Facebook the other day, and didn't realise it was a "meme" (as the young people call it--and I believe it's pronounced "meem", not "Mimi"). I actually managed to come up with, oh, six . . . felt pretty proud of myself. Wasn't aware of van der Elst, I must admit.

  2. You're clearly newer to football than your comments on the World Cup suggested, Kel. Were your 6 on my list? If not, that's 17! What are people going to talk about at dinner parties now, 10 famous Paraguayans?