Friday, 16 July 2010

For starters

Indifference is the cement holding society together.


  1. if you say so, maybe, but i'm not sure. but who cares??? i don't think that it matters in one way or the other, so don't argue about it.

  2. Hi Lukas and welcome. Well, I think we should all care, because how we deal with strangers (rather than those we love or have an affinity with) is a measure of a society, and indifference towards those we don't know is far better than, say, both racism and the bogus celebration of difference favoured by many on the Left, in this country at least. But indifference is dangerous too: while it holds us together collectively (for good or ill: I didn't say it was a GOOD thing, just that it has a function), I don't consider it a personal or even a social virtue. What do you think?