Friday, 30 July 2010

Imagine THIS

Why does John Lennon's Imagine have such a hold over people? It is an anthem for the age, by which I mean one for children of all ages. It's routine for it to be close to the top of almost anyone's list of special music (and if it isn't, you'll find All You Need Is Love in its place). Indeed, I propose that celebrities on Desert Island Discs be presented not only with a copy of The Bible and the collected Shakespeare but with Imagine too. That really would show that the BBC can please Murdoch and move backwards with The Times.

Well, I think Imagine is self-centred, egoistic, nauseating drivel, just as I think hippies are, in general, a selfish, calculating and greedy bunch. "I hope someday you'll join us..." US? Away wi' ye back to yon penthoos wi' yer wee wifey, mon!

And this was the man who wrote Strawberry Fields Forever.

Next week: how could the same Paul McCartney write both Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time and Blackbird? That one keeps me up at night, I can tell you.

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